Expert Views

China-India-Nepal* Trilateral Cooperation

The idea of China-India-Nepal trilateral cooperation appears to be gaining traction and a level of acceptance that was not the case even a few years ago. While proposed cooperation between the three countries obviously requires a detailed, even technical, articulation of what such cooperation will entail, a more theoretical and philosophical treatment of the matter is also very much in order.


Nepal in the Context of US-China Strategic Distrust

The ideas outlined in a recently published monograph titled “Addressing U.S.-China Strategic Distrust” appear to deserve a serious and sustained discussion by analysts and policy makers of Nepal planning for the next ten to twenty year timeframe.


Climate Financing

Climate Financing has been the buzz word after the developed nations deliberated the limitation of climate change to 2˚ C, which requires a major shift in investment patterns towards low carbon, climate resilient options. 


Satellite Communications: New Frontiers in Sino-Nepal Relations

A number of different countries have in recent years sought the assistance of China to procure and launch their own communication satellites, reflecting a large commission for China to send dozens of foreign satellites into space.




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